Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hero # 3 - Ted, the Cyclist (Malaysia)

This is Ted, an 80-year old grandpa from a small village in Netherlands who spends 6 months each year cycling in some part of this world. He was doing the South-East Asian leg when we happened upon him while cycling in Malaysia. He's just pure inspiration!

What this means to me is for some time now, I've wanted to write short stories which have a deeper meaning - of simplicity, love & happiness and I finally wrote my first one today based on my experience of meeting Ted..

(And yup, as you can see from his shirt, he said he really hasn't washed himself for a few days!)

Contributor : Ashwin Subramaniam (Singapore)

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  1. Hi sweetheart,

    Shall I link your blog to my FB so that other people can view it? Would love to publicise this awesome piece :)

    hweiernn xx