Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hero # 2 - Dada Ramakrishna, the Orphanage Supervisor (Thailand)

This is Dada Ramakrishna (in pink), he has been in charged of the orphanage, Baan Dada in Huay Malai, Thailand (near the Thai/Burma border) for about 16 years. 

At the moment, Dada Ramakrishna is doing a solo walk from Huay Malai to Bangkok and maybe even to Phuket! to raise funds to build a technical school in Sangklaburi, the closest town, about a 20 minute drive from Huay Malai, so everyone has the opportunity for further education! He started on October 23rd and is writing a walking diary to keep us all updated. The last one I received was Day 9 - Oct 31st and he had walked 234 kilometres and reached Kanchanaburi (normally a 4 hour bus ride to the orphanage).

Personally what it means to me? I have spent a total of 2 months volunteering at Baan Dada over the last 2 years and have grown to love all the children there. These children are from Burma and the fact that they would be able to better themselves and their future, rather than just merely surviving would be amazing. 

Dada Ramakrishna is basically a father to 56 children and love that he is so unique and has no boundaries... shown by walking to Bangkok to raise money! This man is truly inspiring and has endured heat, countless blisters, mosquitoes, rain and just sheer exhaustion. He has also met wonderful people along the way who have showed him kindness in a room to stay or some food to eat! 

His spirit keeps him going while his body is slowly failing him.....

Contributor : Erin Sanocky (Melbourne)

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